Welcome to the Evermay Consulting Group


I founded Evermay Consulting after having the privilege of serving for 34 years in ten different agencies of the United States Government.  During those years, I developed a firm conviction: For Government to be successful, it needs the best of everything the private sector has to offer.


As the first Assistant Commissioner (Procurement) at the Internal Revenue Service and then as the first Chief Procurement Officer at the Department of Homeland Security, my responsibility was to help those agencies accomplish a mission.  This required more than just making certain that procurements complied with applicable laws and regulations.  It also requires engaging industry in a full and open manner, and listening carefully to ways in which their ideas and solutions could be used to assist the Government in better serving this nation.


My government experience and this philosophy are keys to our work at Evermay.  My colleagues and I are committed to listening to our clients and helping them succeed in serving the Government and the country.


Thank you for viewing this website and for considering our firm.


Greg Rothwell